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Why Fairy Tales?

These last two weeks, Misty and I have completely devoted our blogs, our reading, and our time to all things fairy tale. (Not to mention all the time that went into preparation) We have had authors, bloggers and readers sharing their thoughts on fairy tales and their retellings. We've offered giveaways, so that you might have the chance to go home with some of this amazing books. We've interviewed authors, written our own reviews of retellings, and in Misty's case, shared some personal writing. (Go read her story NOW. It's AMAZING)

So why do we have we done this? What could possibly have motivated us to put so much time and energy into making this event possible? What motivated all these guests posters who have contributed something to the event? What is it about fairy tales that has drawn so many people together?

With this post, I want to generate discussion, to get each of you talking and sharing what it is that makes fairy tales so special to you as a reader. Or, if you are new the the genre, why you want to read the genre. What it is about this genre of book, this style of writing that draws in so many diverse readers and writers.

Take the Cinderella story. In just these two weeks, there has been mention of a Cinderella character who is fairly quiet and demure (Before Midnight), mystical and dark (Bound), a lesbian with ties to the faery realm (Ash), bitter and lonely (Princess of Glass), and magical and vengeful (Shadows on the Moon ), not to mention the scores of other retellings in existence.

So what is it about fairy tales. Why do they appeal to such a variety of readers? Why do so many of us come back to these same stories again and again? I'm intentionally keeping my thoughts and motivations vague for now. I want to know what draws you into these tales, what makes you interested in reading these retellings. So tell me dear reader, why is it that you love fairy tales. What about them interests or captivates you?

What is it that brings you back?

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Why Fairy Tales? + TIME