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48 Hour Reading Challenge

So, I know I have been going a little crazy with the posting. I feel like I've posted a lot in the last few days... Sorry about that. I'll keep this one short.:)

Mother Reader is hosting a 48 hour reading challenge on her blog this weekend. From Friday to Sunday, you pick your best, consecutive 48 hours and you read, all that you can. Taking time to write reviews of the books read counts for your time, as does 1 hour of social networking (blog/twitter comments) per 5 hours of reading time.

I'm behind on my reading (although, not as behind as on reviews!) so this chance to just read like crazy is awesome, and pretty much exactly what I need.

So, I'm starting now (3pm) and will go until 3pm on Sunday afternoon, MST. I'll most likely post another update tomorrow at some point, let you all see how my progress is going, and will also post on Sunday, to let you know how I did.

Because I'm crazy & also have no problems double dipping, I'm also participating in the Saturday readathon as Awesome Bookworm 's blog. So, on Saturday, I'll be putting a more intense focus on reading, and less on writing reviews (even more behind...) and not as much tweet checking.:) But, it should still be a lot of fun! The 24 hour readathons are even more motivating!:)

If any of you are participating in any of these readathons I'd love to hear from you! Stop by, say hello, leave a link, tell me what you're reading etc.

Wish me luck!:) Happy Reading

What I hope to get read:

The Boys Next Door/Endless Summer — Jennifer Echols
Mermaid Summer — Mollie Hunter
Amy and Roger's Epic Detour — Morgan Matson
Stolen — Lucy Christopher
Please Ignore Vera Dietz — A.S. King
Dobry — Monica Shannon
That Summer — Sarah Dessen
The Burning Bridge — John Flanagan
Twenty Boy Summer — Sarah Ockler

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48 Hour Reading Challenge + weekend