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A Season of Eden — Cover Talk with author Jennifer Laurens

Help me welcome Jennifer Laurens to the blog today! She is here to talk to us today about her cover for her new book, A Season of Eden. My review will be up later this month, but for now, hear what the author has to say about how her cover came to be!

I design my own covers from concept to final product, but I also work with a creative team. For Eden, we wanted black and white because there's so much black and white in the storyline. The red apple symbolizes James' temptation, of course: Eden.

Plus, the apple and the garden of Eden and "Eden" as a character name = the whole idea just worked well.

The model is an actor friend of my daughter's. ( She works at a local theater here in Utah) We buzzed over to the theater, grabbed him a jacket from the costume archives, went outside and snapped the photo. ( He has a great jaw and mouth, and I wanted a fair amount of ambiguity, so we cropped the image where you see it)

My designer, Jennifer Johnson of Sapphire Designs put the back ( with the fabulous piano keys) together and the cover was created.

Jennifer chose the font.

A side note: David Smith, the cover model, read the book and loved it so much he asked me if he could make a movie of it. I said yes. His major was music at BYU, so he really related to Mr. Christian and Eden and the music element in the story. Anyway, that began a 2-year, probono production of the indie version of A Season of Eden. Every actor donated their talents, people donated equipment, locations — it was awesome! And, as a writer it was VERY cool to see my work come to life like that!

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A Season of Eden — Cover Talk with author Jennifer Laurens + review