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Bitter End — This or That post with boyfriend Cole

Today's post is part of the Teen Book Scene's tour for Jennifer Brown's novel Bitter End. Here today, we have Cole, Alex's boyfriend to answer some This or That questions!

Turkey or Ham
Ham, because all these years Coach has been pushing turkey, turkey, turkey, muscle, muscle, muscle. I just want out.

Sweet or Salty Sweet. I’ve gotten kind of used to those sweet coffee drinks since hanging out at The Bread Bowl watching Alex.

Ocean or Mountains Definitely the mountains, because that’s where Zack is taking my girlfriend next summer, and I don’t care what she says about him being her “best friend,” he’s got the hots for her. If I went with them, I could get in his face the second he even thought about getting close to her.

Jazz or Pop Pop, especially after a great game.

Hardcover or Paperback Paperback. Easy to bend and shove into my pocket.

Truth or Dare Dare. There are truths Alex doesn’t need to learn about me.

M&Ms — Peanut or Peanut Butter Peanut.

A one room library or Books in every room in your house There’s not much in our house. We just moved, and Brenda (my mom, if you want to call her that) is too lazy to unpack our stuff.

Gum or Breath Mint Breath mint.

Painting or Photograph Photograph. I have a really beautiful one of Alex on my bedside table.

Spring or Fall Spring, because fall is all about football, and I’m sick of it.

Past or Future Future. I’m trying to forget my past. I wish it would stop following me around.
Black or Red Red

Uncertain theory or Absolute fact Absolute fact. And it’s an absolute fact that something is going on between Alex and Zack. I know it.

Donald or Daffy Donald. The dude doesn’t take any crap from anyone and I gotta respect that.

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Bitter End — This or That post with boyfriend Cole + novel