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This or That with author C.K. Kelly Martin!

I'm SO sorry! This was supposed to post on Friday, but apparently blogger's scheduling has failed me.: ( So, a few days late, here is a fun This or That questionnaire with the author of My Beating Teenage Heart (among with several others).

Spring or Fall

Spring because it means there are months and months of warm weather ahead of me whereas during fall I find it impossible forget winter’s right around the corner. My absolute favourite month is May.

Past or Future

Past. Not that I prefer it because who can say what the future will bring but I do tend to get very nostalgic about certain periods in my past, especially my years in Dublin in the 90s.

Marvel or DC Comics

I read more graphic novels than comic books and am a bigger fan of Drawn and Quarterly, Slave Labor and Fantagraphics than either Marvel or DC.

Legos or Lincoln Logs

We always had Lego at my house growing up so I have to go with them. I wasn’t sure what Lincoln logs were and Googled them and they look really cool too. I don’t know why I never had any of those!

Detailed planning or spontaneous decisions

Detailed planning, for sure. You should see all the research print-outs I amass when going on holiday.

Turkey or Ham

Turkey. I could practically have it every day for a week without getting tired of it. I don’t like ham but crispy bacon is yummy.

Sweet or Salty

Salty. I’m a potato chip fiend. I discovered Pop chips not long ago (they pop their chips rather than frying them so they’re healthier) and they’re amazing. When I was young I sometimes used to eat Oxo (bouillon) cubes on their own because I was crazy for the salt. Kinda gross, I know.

Ocean or Mountains

Ideally both like in Vancouver but if I had to choose I love being near the water so have to vote for ocean.

Hardcover or Paperback

Paperbacks because they’re lighter and more portable, though I’m not a fan of e-books (which are the ultimate in portability). I prefer reading a physical copy of a book, even if it’s one I borrowed from the library.

Truth or Dare

Truth, because I’m a chicken!

M&Ms — Peanut or Peanut Butter

Peanut butter. And now I’m craving some!

A one room library or Books in every room in your house

Ideally I’d prefer a library but since our apartment is small right now it’s more like books in every room.

Gum or Breath Mint

When I’m over in Ireland or England I go mental for spearmint Polo mints but normally I prefer a long lasting gum like Excel sweet mint.

Painting or Photograph

I like both a lot but I’m better at taking photos, when it comes to painting I’m purely a spectator.

Uncertain theory or Absolute fact

The detailed planner in me is drawn to absolute fact but my curious mind is pulled in the direction of uncertain theory. Ultimately curiosity wins here, I’m going with uncertain theory.

Thank you SO much for stopping by today! I seriously love your answers!:) PB M&Ms ftw dude, FTW!!

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This or That with author C.K. Kelly Martin! + TIME