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This or That with author Sarah Raymond

Hey everyone! Help me welcome Sarah Raymond, author of Signs of Martha to the blog today! She's helping share some This or That questions from John, one of the characters from her book! I liked John a lot — He's real down to earth, just a solid, steady guy. Let's see what he thinks about-

Spring or Fall
Spring is planting time, when the new year is dawning and you haven’t started worrying yet about the price of corn.

Past or Future
The past is over and done with and there isn’t a darn thing you can do about it. Look to the future or you’ll end up in the gutter of regret. It’s the truth.

Marvel or DC Comics
Neither, as I don’t have time for comic books. On a rare holiday I might read a science fiction novel.

Legos or Lincoln Logs
Lincoln Logs. Call me old-fashioned.

Detailed planning or spontaneous decisions
If you want to get somewhere in life, I’m afraid you have some detailed planning to do.

Turkey or Ham
I’ll take either, or whichever there’s more of.

Sweet or Salty
Sweet. In life, I mean. You need a little sweetness, but not too much or your teeth and your attitude will erode down to sorry pits.

Ocean or Mountains
Mountains, absolutely. They’re like the future. You have to look up.

Hardcover or Paperback
Hardcover. What I buy, I keep, and hardcover books are for keeps.

Truth or Dare
Truth and nothing but the truth.

M&Ms — Peanut or Peanut Butter
What kind of question is that? I’m still thinking about scaling mountains and about truth.

A one room library or Books in every room in your house.
A one-room library. Everything in its place.

Gum or Breath Mint
Breath mints keep me fresh.

Painting or Photograph
Photographs, I believe, are more dependable.

Uncertain theory or Absolute fact
Fact. Absolutely.

Thanks so much for stopping by to share with us! And I still maintain that the M&Ms question is totally legit! Who doesn't love M&Ms?!: P

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This or That with author Sarah Raymond + TIME