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This or that with author Shanice Williams

Today, Shanice Williams, author of Kane Richards Must Die is visiting today to share some This or That answers with us!:)

Spring or Fall

Hmm, definitely spring. I love seeing all blooming flowers and falling petals from the trees So cute.

Hardcover or Paperback

Makes no difference to me. But I guess hardcover has that more kinda “serious business” feel to it.:)

M&Ms — Peanut or Peanut Butter

Don’t think I’ve ever tried peanut butter ones. So just the peanut for me!

(What?! No PB M&Ms?! EVER?! You are SO missing out! They are the best!!)

Barefoot or Shoes

Depends on the situation I guess. I won’t be walking through the snow barefoot unless I want my toes to fall off! I’ll just say Shoes:)

One room library or Books in every room in your house

Books in every room. Might as well add a touch of knowledge in every room than have it all bundled in one place!

A little bit of clutter or Everything perfectly neat and tidy

Everything’s more fun with a little bit of clutter! You get to find things that you was looking for a couple weeks back while you’re searching for something else!

Past or Future

Past has the memories and the little things that make you who you are. I’m always wishing I could go back rather than go forward.

Uncertain theory or Absolute fact

Uncertain theory I think. Facts are so boring. Uncertainty brings mystery!:)

Marvel or DC comics

Um… Marvel? I don’t really read comics so I’m just going with the one that sounds familiar.

Legos or Lincoln logs

Ha! Not quite sure what Lincoln logs are, so Legos for me!

(Sadness! What is it with no one knowing about Lincoln logs?! They are almost as awesome as legos!!)

Detailed planning or Spontaneous decisions

Hmm.. Spontaneous decisions I think!

Ocean or Mountains

Mountains. You can get right in there without drowning. So to speak.

Gum or Breath mint

Gum! Keeps your mouth working for longer. (LOL)

Truth or Dare

Truth. I’m a real scaredy cat when it comes to dares.

Painting or Photograph

Photograph. That’s where the real memories are!

Thanks so much for stopping by Shanice! I have to say that (other than being shocked and slightly appalled that you are unfamiliar with both Lincoln Logs and PB M&Ms) I agree with most of your choices! This was a fun T/T to read through!

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This or that with author Shanice Williams + interview