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Elizabeth Scott — Just a Contemporary Mastermind

Earlier today, Shanyn posted an awesome interview with Elizabeth Scott. I almost had a review up for today, but didn't manage to finish the book in time, so you'll just have to wait for it. (But I'm sure it's coming soon.:) ) BUT — I definitely think you should go check out Shanyn's interview — Go ahead. This post isn't going any where.

But I also wanted to 'say a few words' about Elizabeth Scott.

Normally, I am a huge fan of those really tough issue books. That is where I generally gravitate and I'll be honest and admit that I'm rarely drawn to the... lighter, more romantic Contemporary fare. But, I kept hearing Scott's name come up as a must read every time someone asked for an awesome & cute & romantic Contemporary recommendation. I saw Something, Maybe and The Unwritten Rule on sale so I snagged them — and Sigh. Something, Maybe was just such an incredibly fun and cute book. Ashley is full of love!! And The Unwritten Rule seriously surprised me too! I didn't expect to like either book so much (although both for different reasons) and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself hugging the book and thinking — Love! when I finished. (If you want to know more about why I love them, the above links take you to my reviews). I haven't read all of Scott's books yet but I own a copy of them all and I plan to read every one of them (hopefully in the near future)

If you haven't given Elizabeth Scott a try yet, I strongly suggest that you do! AND — to make it easy for you, I am also hosting a giveaway for 5 copies of Between Here and Forever. (Note — This is a separate giveaway from the one Shanyn is hosting, so really there are 10 copies available between the two of us.:) )

These books have been donated by Elizabeth Scott (because she is made of awesome) and she is shipping them out herself. Because of this, it is US Only. The giveaway will run through the entire month of November, ending on December 10th. Enter below:)

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Elizabeth Scott — Just a Contemporary Mastermind + TIME