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Just Contemporary — Calling all non-Contemp readers — A CHALLENGE!!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Your guide through all things Contemporary, Ashley, is issuing a proclamation, a challenge or declaration, if you will.

Ashley believes that Contemporary YA has something to offer everyone. And so — she has set forth to prove this to people all across the lands and seas.

Yup — That's right. I think that everyone can find something within Contemporary YA to love. If you look back to Tuesday's guest post, Ems talks about how an absolutely adorable little bird started chirping and niggling and nagging and cajoling and coercing and convincing her to give Contemporary YA a shot, which she did, rather expecting to be able to turn around cross her eyes and stick out her tongue saying, Told you so!! But... As I'm sure you can guess, that didn't happen. Instead, the little bird got to do a happy dance because she loved Contemporary!!!! (and, that's not the only time I've done that either)

So, I'm issuing a challenge, both to readers and to myself. I believe that, if given enough information about reading preferences, I can find at least one Contemporary novel for anyone to love. Seriously. Have a conversation with me, through email, the comments, twitter, whereever (links will all be left in a minute below) and we will talk about what interests you, what doesn't, Contemp you have tried & read before (love it or hate it) and things that maybe might pique your interest.

I will then give you 3-5 Contemporary recommendations, in the hopes (and expectations) that at least one of those books will be something that makes you wonder if Contemporary has something to offer after all.

AND — I'm willing to try this for anyone. Long time Contemporary lover looking for an awesome new recommendation, brand new Contemporary lover looking to find more to love, a newbie to Contemporary wondering if there is anything in it to love and etc etc etc. I believe I can do it. I can't promise the book will become your new favorite of everything, but I can say with (almost) full confidence that I can find you one that you will adore and be looking to share with other people.

I don't know yet if there will be any sort of participation prizes offered along with this. I'm not sure if the prize will be anything other than helping someone find a new favorite. I might make a deal to exchange favorite books to be read with participants (although this probably depend on how many people take me up on this, since there's only one of me) but I don't know. It might just end up being for fun.

But why don't you test it out — Come and see. I bet I can make a Contemporary fan out of you! (Even if it is a conditional one).

(And no, I'm not really as cocky as this post probably makes me sound. But I do desperately want more people to fall in love with Contemporary, and I definitely think I've read enough awesome examples of great Contemporary that I can do a pretty bang up job!:) )

Want to give this a shot?!?!

Email me: basicallyamazingbooks at gmail dot com
Tweet me: @BasicallyBooks
Leave a comment
Any other way you think would work!!:)

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Just Contemporary — Calling all non-Contemp readers — A CHALLENGE!! + TIME