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Charter company YachtPlus has started in boundless ocean the first super-yacht “The Ocean Emerald” over which design has worked Norman Foster. Thus, the known architect has captured practically all elements; creations of the well-known architect have mastered: the earth, air (plane Falcon 7X for company NetJets) and water.

Luxury yacht by Norman Foster

The main feature of this magnificent yacht — space and light. Length of model — 41 metre, 5 apartments where can comfortably take places to 12 visitors here are equipped, it is supposed seven places for attendants and a command.

Internal planning of a yacht flexibly meets the most various requirements which can arise at owners and visitors during travel. Attention to details — here the motto of manufacturers; each nuance of an interior and an ex-terrier, and also such components of the general style as a command uniform is provided.

Super-yacht by Norman Foster

Interior yacht

Yacht interior

The Ocean Emerald by Foster + Partners

For conditions registration products of Italian manufacturer Cassina have been chosen, the kitchen room and a dining room are equipped by production of mark Schiffini.

Ocean Emerald becomes the first of four yachts over which design experts from Foster + Partners will work. Series manufacture is planned next two years. The second yacht, Ocean Pearl will be floated by autumn of 2009 year, the third — Ocean Sapphire — in the beginning of 2010 and Ocean Emerald for Playboy. The name for the fourth yacht which manufacture is planned on second half 2010, for the present is not thought up.

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