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Important update — Guess what's changing?!


The anger of Ashley is over!!:) Thanks to how AWESOMELY AMAZING Rie @ Mission to Read is, I am now —!!

Now I just get to hope that things run smoothly and my blog doesn't disappear into a vortex of doom.:)

Ashley is now experiencing MUCH anger. Seriously. I have no idea when this is going to change now. Or even IF it will. Because this process is exactly why I NEVER make these kinds of changes. Anger in my face.

So, I've been thinking about buying my domain name for a long time now. (Like, a very long time.) But, I am terrified and resistant to change in my online stuff. I don't mind changes in my real life, but changes to websites I use makes me irrationally annoyed. And, I'm absolutely terrified that buying my domain name is going to send my blog into a seething black internet vortex of suck...


It IS something I've wanted for a while, and a good move for blogging and, if I'm being honest — it's going to make me feel cool. SO. With the help and (mostly) gentle prodding of the marvelous Rie from Mission to Read, I have decided to finally buy it.


So, I'm probably going to just let it settle for a day or so, make sure nothing is being eaten inside.

But minutes after this post goes live, I will be!!:)


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Important update — Guess what's changing?! + TIME