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Enna from Squeaky Books is hosting the: Oh-my-word-the-year-is-over-and-I-haven't-reached-my-goal Read-a-Thon. And, because I love Enna and I love read-a-thons, I'm definitely participating:)
Also, I've been rather lame with the Wrapping Up 2011 Read-a-thon & am hoping that this will give me motivation to push through to the end.

I have been in a bit of a reading slump, off and on all year, and I haven't really been motivated to read for the last 2 months or so. This means I'm really far behind on my Goodreads reading goal (like 18 books behind...) There is absolutely no way I can make that (unless I start counting the picture books I read to my nephews...) but I do hope to get a little closer. Really, even just doing something to help push me over this reading slump would be awesome!

So, right now, my goal is to read 2 books. To finish the book I'm currently reading and read at least one more. If I can manage to finish three books, I'll totally feel like I own the world:)

Are you read-a-thoning too?!?! Let me know!

Good luck to everyone!

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Read-a-Thon!!:) + read-a-thon