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Injured by a Book

Yes, you read it right. I was injured by a book. I got up this morning and went to look out the window. It's pretty cold here and we're expecting snow, so I wanted to see if we'd gotten any overnight. I was walking back through my room and saw that my three year old, Justin, was awake and standing in the hallway. I started to walk toward him to tell him that he didn't have to get up yet (it was barely 7 am!) and that's when it happened. One of his books was on the floor and I slid on it and fell. Fractured my first two toes. I've been ordered by the ER docs to keep it elevated, don't walk on it, and ice it. I've been given some pretty hefty pain meds, too, which prevent me from driving. So much for my weekend shopping plans.

Instead I'll spend it in bed, ankle propped up on pillows, catching up on the shows I've Tivo-ed, the two LOST DVDs I got from Netflix, and a few books!

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Injured by a Book + weekend