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My Tastes Haven't Changed

My boyfriend and I have this thing we do every week, we make lists and compare them. Top ten places we most want to live, top five jobs we most want to have, etc. Last week it was our top five favorite books from childhood. Since both of us read a lot more chapter books as children we decided that we would only talk about chapter books.

My List

  1. Anne of Green Gables
  2. The American Girls Series (especially Molly)
  3. Little Women
  4. Saddle Club Series
  5. The Royal Diaries
Once I made my list I realized that my taste in books has not really changed at all from when I was a girl, except I don't read about horses anymore. But seriously, classics and historical fiction were my thing back then and they are my thing now. The only difference is that now I'm obsessed with more than just classics from the 19th-ish Century (some before, some after). My two favorite books are On the Road and Jane Eyre, I can't really think of a book I read as a child that was like On the Road.

I was totally obsessed with reading as a kid and I still am, and some things never change. After all, I'm still wearing converse and skirts.

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My Tastes Haven't Changed + reading