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Emma Volume Two

Ever since I found out about Kaoru Mori's Emma series I've been a big fan. I read Emma: Volume One several months ago and finally got my hands on Emma: Volume 2 over winter break. The series is about a young girl named Emma. She is a maid in Victorian London and the stories document her love interests and friendships. You don't necessarily need to read these in order, but this review will work like a normal series review. This means it will assume you have read the first book in the series.

The last time we saw Emma two men were vying for her attention. There is William Jones, a wealthy young man who is the former pupil of Emma's boss. Also fighting for Emma is Hakim, a wealthy Indian man visiting William. In this volume Hakim has stepped down for William, but this doesn't make things any easier. William has to convince his father to let him marry "just a maid" before anything can happen. Emma is frustrated by this, but is more concerned with her boss Mrs. Kelly Stownar's failing health.

This volume was enjoyable and played out the story of William and Emma very nicely. I did have a problem with a few points of the story line though. Towards the end of the book a few comments made about Mrs. Kelly Stownar didn't quite match up with her story in volume one, at least not to my understanding. This was really minor though and didn't make me dislike the book.

This novel earned a B.

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Emma Volume Two + TIME