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India: 900 year old Golconda Fort opens doors to renovation plan
It has been over a month since rust and decay uprooted a massive wooden door, Moti Darwaza, of the historic Golconda Fort.

900 year old Golconda Fort opens doors to renovation plan
When Moti Darwaza almost came off in 2006, the officials had repositioned it within a few days. But this time, the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) sub-circle office at Golconda is yet to act.

The ASI has chalked out big plans for restoration of all the doors at as many as eight entrances to the fort.

According to ASI superintending archaeologist R Krishnaiah, plans are afoot for complete restoration and repositioning of the door by this month-end.

“After an inspection, we have decided to take measures to prevent any such incident in the future. Estimates are ready and work will start soon,” he said.

As of now, the ASI has decided to tie down the doors onto the fort walls using iron cables so that they do not fall down.

“The mechanism for operating these old doors is different. Since none of them is operational anymore, we have decided to tie them to the original position using flat iron cables at two places using L-angle and an iron U-channel from the top portion on to the masonry wall,” said N Ch Peddintlu, assistant superintending archaeological engineer, ASI-Hyderabad circle.

Regarding the damaged right door of Moti Darwaza that has been lying at the ASI sub-circle office in Golconda, he said, “We are going to add a wooden plank of teakwood and embed it to the old door using the ancient techniques. Also, we are going to apply wood preservatives to prevent any further deterioration of wood. This will be done for all the doors at eight different darwazas,” he added.

He said the ASI has also decided to restore the merlons of the fort walls that have either been damaged or have collapsed. This work is expected to start soon and would be completed by June 2015.

During an inspection, it was also noted that land close to the inner fort walls was being misused for parking purposes.

“We are going to enhance greenery by planting vegetation close to the walls so as to prevent littering or defecation or even unauthorised vehicle parking,” Peddintlu explained.

Golconda Fort is over 900 years old. Built by the Kakatiyas, it rose to prominence during the Qutb Shahi era. There are eight darwazas on the outer wall of the fort. All these gateways lead to important urban centres.

Author: Rahul V Pisharody | Source: Indian Express News [January 12, 2015]

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India: 900 year old Golconda Fort opens doors to renovation plan + TIME