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Weekly Geeks Round-up: Stuck on Series

Last week, Weekly Geeks were questioned by Erotic Horizon about what they do when they get stuck in a book series:

  • What series do you read where you have had an issue with one of the books in the line-up?
  • Do you cut the author lose after one miss, or do you have a limit of failed books in a series before you toss in the towel?
  • What's your suggestion for that book that you struggle with in a series?
At Mysteries in Paradise, Kerrie suggests that if you've been keeping up with a series all the way along up until the most recent volume, give it a pass if it's not working for you and just pick back up with the next one. Not every book an author produces is of equal quality, after all.

Bernadette of Reactions to Reading is willing to give series she's followed for a long time second and even third chances - sometimes she's been rewarded, and sometimes not. She's also found it's not absolutely essential to read every book in some series.

Sarah at Puss Reboots proposes some "shoulds and shouldn'ts" for making a series work.

Mark of Random Ramblings From Sunny Southern CA is a pretty big series reader, and like some of our other Geeks, rarely gives up on a series entirely if he's been with it for a long time - but if a new series doesn't hook him by the second book, it's probably all over.

And on the other side of the question, we have Gautami of everything distils into reading, who would much prefer to read stand-alone books over series in general.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Weekly Geeks this week, and remember to check back tomorrow for our new topic!

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Weekly Geeks Round-up: Stuck on Series + WG round-up