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Weekly Geeks: 2010-21 - Reassessing your blog

With Bloggiesta and Book Blogger's Appreciation Week (BBAW) registrations kicking off, Chris thought this week would be the perfect time for Weekly Geekers to reassess their blogs, clean up the cobwebs, fix the broken links and have a general tidy-up. How successful were we? Well...

Amanda at The Blog Jar has been stymied by a lack of internet access and so was looking for suggestions in helping her find the quiet time she needs to blog without internet access bills blowing a hole in her savings

Rikki at the Bookkeeper updated us on her blog improvement projects - I think she was a bit hard on herself but I did laugh that she included one task twice just so she could have something else to tick off her long list. Now that's innovative motivation for you.

And these blogs all used the opportunity to pick out their five brightest, shiniest posts (for inclusion in their BBAW registration or not). What a great chance to read the best work from some terrific book blogs:

  • Here's To Us
  • Literary Transgressions
  • Mysteries in Paradise
  • Notes from the North

I, of course, didn't manage to post anything for Weekly Geeks this week but it was deliberate this time. I have only recently finished a blog makeover and clean-up that took several months so had no desire to do that again just yet and I still haven't made up my mind about BBAW registration.

Thanks to all those who participated in Weekly Geeks this week and come back tomorrow to find out the next topic for discussion.

Bernadette from Reactions to Reading

best, TIME, and more:

Weekly Geeks: 2010-21 - Reassessing your blog + WG round-up