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Summer Break Reading Challenge: Create-A-Cover

For this activity in the Summer Break Reading Challenge we're supposed to create a cover to a book using a fake name generator and a random word generator, then find a random picture to go with the name of the book and create the cover. Then we share the book with you and create a fake synopsis. It was a really fun activity!

Nuzzle by Robert Hansen

Caitlin has been around horses before she could walk. These days she prefers them to people. As a new high school student she finds the habits most of her classmates have to be annoying, stupid, and immature. Especially Kurt Livingston's. He is every girl's crush because he has a wild streak. He loves to drink, party, and act like a bad boy. Caitlin can see through him, or so she thinks.

Over time though, Caitlin finds that the wildness she loves in horses might actually run through Kurt too, and if she can understand her horse, Nuzzle, then maybe she can understand Kurt better than anyone else.

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Summer Break Reading Challenge: Create-A-Cover + TIME