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So, umm... Hello. And... Goodbye?

I'm writing this post today to say hello, and to give a little bit of an update. I've always been so confused by the way that some bloggers or internet types just seem to DISAPPEAR. It's like, one day they are here, and active and all over the twitter and the blogs and the internets and then... Nothing. It's always been really weird to me, like, seriously, how hard is it to just pop onto the blog and say, Peace out.

Well, now I understand it much better. Because... Looks like I just did that. It's hard to get on and write any kind of goodbye post, at least for me, because I haven't actually decided if I DO want to stop blogging... I just renewed my domain name, because I'm just not ready to make that choice yet. There is a part of me that REALLY wants to get back into blogging, and another part of me that's just done. I haven't decided which of those two parts of me get to win yet, but I do know that it will quite probably be a little while longer before I officially decide.

There's lots of reasons for that, not the least of which being that I've actually read less than 20 books this whole year, and 80% of those were in January and February. I started a new job earlier this year that's really time and energy consuming and I'm so emotionally exhausted by the time I get home that I'm just not in the mood to read. Add to the new job stress some family drama and other... stuffs and I'm far too overwhelmed to also add any sort of blogging into the mix.

But now, I'm remembering how relaxing and FUN it was to blog, and be part of that community. And I've been really missing books lately and missing the blog and the blogging people. And I make absolutely no promises, but I've been thinking lately that reading (and maybe blogging too) might be exactly that release and relaxation that I NEED in order to reduce that overwhelmed feeling.

So we shall see. I have no idea what the future of my internet-ness is going to be... But at least I'm not one of those mysteriously missing any longer.

Oh, and also — Merry Christmas!!

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So, umm... Hello. And... Goodbye? + TIME