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Back to School

This was my first week back to school and I'm already ready for a break. I was talking with a friend earlier this week and I admitted that this semester is the least excited for school I have ever been. It's not that I don't like my classes or that I'm not looking forward to school. I guess I'm just pretty neutral about the whole thing. But I can't really stay neutral, because life is already getting crazy and busy. For instance, last Sunday I had my first meeting of the year for the literary magazine I'm on. Sunday! Before school even started! I was dumbfounded. And since then I've had to work at the student organization fair (only a half hour, but still) gone to all of my classes, drop a class, work, do quite a bit of a reading. This of course seems like quite a lot, because instead of doing my homework this week I've mostly been reading Mockingjay. Great way to start off the year. I did do my homework, I just didn't do it when I should have. Luckily Mockingjay is in the past now, and I'm sure I will have an abundance of evening hours to work on my studies...

But no seriously, I actually don't think my classes are going to be that bed this semester. Two of my classes focus on essays, which is lovely because essays are usually no longer than 30 pages, which is much better than the 60 pages of Victorian literature I was reading every night last semester. Another class is literary history and poems, which is also not too difficult to get through. My Human Origins class has about a chapter of reading the week and the reading is fairly short, and my Nonprofit class is... well I don't want to discount the Management Organization department at this fine university so I just won't say anything about that.

Yesterday I actually felt excited about this whole school thing though, because Thursdays this semester are about the greatest schedule day I've ever had in the history of my college career. I work from 8:30-12:30 in the library, then I go to my piano class for an hour. Piano isn't as terrifying as I thought it would be and I was pleased to find out there wasn't much for me to learn this week because I can already read music in treble and bass clef. After piano I had an hour so I went to the practice rooms to practice piano. Also wonderful. I was really interested in music and making music when I was younger but kind of lost that towards the end of high school. I really missed it and piano is something I've always wanted to learn. So I am! Feels good to do something just because you want to. After practicing I headed to my Nature Writing class. The class meets twice weekly and every Thursday we meet at an outdoor location. So I just got to explore the trees and outdoor things for about a half hour, then we all came to talk about what we had seen. Awesome. Ah I love Thursdays.

So maybe there is something to look forward to in all of this.

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Back to School + TIME