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WG 2010-28 Round-up: the "From the Archives" edition

I'm going to take a different approach to wrapping up last week's Weekly Geeks theme, which sent Geeks back to the WG Archives for "Geek's Choice." The assignment was to select a previous WG topic to write about - one from before the blogger joined Weekly Geeks, or one they'd for some reason missed, or one they might answer differently this time.

Popular topics to re-visit included book quotes, challenge updates, character interviews, cover comparisons, requesting book recommendations, book hoarding, and catching up on reviews.

Because there was a small turnout for this trip back in time, I'd hate to leave anyone out of the wrap-up. Therefore, I'm linking back to the original post right here and inviting you to see who wrote about what via Mr Linky.

Check back this weekend for a new Weekly Geeks topic!

TIME, weekend, and more:

WG 2010-28 Round-up: the "From the Archives" edition + WG round-up