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District 12, Katniss Everdeen's home, is gone. And she is in a place most people didn't even think existed, District 13. What will her fate be? Does she even care? This is how Mockingjay, the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy begins. I didn't start The Hunger Games series until this past spring, but I quickly became obsessed and spent all summer howling in pain that I had to wait for Mockingjay

to come out. The day the book came out I got my copy and then spent the rest of the day in class and at work, eagerly awaiting evening where I could just sit down and read, read, read. I originally planned on reading the whole book in one sitting, but it didn't happen. I was two thirds of the way done and then went to bed, only to come home and finish it the next night. If you haven't started The Hunger Games trilogy please check out my review of the first book, The Hunger Games and if you'd like the second book, Catching Fire.

When I finished this book I immediately started texting my friend Liz because it's so difficult to get through this whole book without talking constantly about everything that happens. I'm going to agree with a lot of other people and say that this book started out extremely slow for me. I kept with it because I knew it would get better, but it wasn't as "jump right into the action" as I thought it would be. One third of the way into the book it really started to pick up, but I found myself constantly distracted over Cinna's possible return. I felt like Collins really laid it out that he might come back and since Cinna is my favorite character I pleaded with her throughout the book to make it happen.

I won't say if it happens or not, some of you haven't read Mockingjay yet (what are you waiting for?!?!), but I will say that unlike a lot of others I was very pleased with the ending of this book. I thought it gave a realistic portrayal of the way war and tragic experiences tear down a person. I thought Katniss' deterioration was great, the way her spirit breaks over the course of the three books. I know a lot of people really wanted Katniss to get stronger and for a happy ending, but personally I thought that would be doing a disservice to the audience of these books. It's just not realistic to say that at the end of all of this everything would be beautiful and happy. And as far as Katniss's revenge, I say yeah, she would be vengeful.

I wouldn't have changed very much about Mockingjay. I'm giving it an A.

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