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Sunday Salon: Readathon & 100 Reviews
The Sunday

I ended up falling asleep during the readathon last night, which I was fully expecting. I was looking forward to getting a chance to just read as much as I wanted, but because of my stress level I knew staying up 24 hours was probably not a really good idea for me right now. I still got almost halfway into The Book Thief

and finished all of Splendor

, so I am pretty pleased with the results. I read 691 pages yesterday for a total of $20.73 raised for The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is an organization that provides resources for LGBTQ teens, one of which is a suicide/help hotline teens can call 24/7. Because of all the recent suicides I thought that would be a good organization to donate to. Suicide, in general, is a horrible thing and I come from a place where a lot of suicides have occurred. I've seen the effects of suicide several times, though never experienced them personally. I can't imagine what it would be like for a parent or friend to lose a loved one due to suicide.

Onto a happier note, I posted my 100th book review on Wednesday! The 100th book I reviewed was The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The review came at a pretty nifty time as well, because my one year anniversary is here in about a week! The first book I ever reviewed on here was And Only To Deceive by Tasha Alexander. It's a very sad review, only two paragraphs long. I must say I think I've come quite a long way since that first review.

And I'll I've got left is a plea for you to check out my new podcast!

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Sunday Salon: Readathon & 100 Reviews + TIME