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Weekly Geeks Wrap Up 2010-34: Scary Books and Traditions

This week Wendy asked Weekly Geek participants to get into spirit of the season, whether you celebrate Halloween, Oktoberfest or have any other traditions tied to this time of year. How do you celebrate this time of year?

The assignment was to write a post about

  • October traditions you look forward to
  • Links to Halloween or Oktoberfest activities in your area
  • Book recommendations that are guaranteed to put you in the "spirit" of October

A couple of you took up the challenge . . .

Halloween is one of her favorite holidays, says Allegra of Here's to Us. She makes the most of the day and offers a great selection of book recommendations to help get you in the mood.

Gigi of Solitary Spinster offers an intimate look into her own childhood and the women who touched her life in her post called, "My Witch".

However you choose to spend this time of year, whether it's doing nothing out of the ordinary, dressing up in a costume, sharing scary stories or honoring the memories of loved ones, enjoy it to its fullest! And be sure and check out this next week's topic: The Books You Waited Too Long to Read.

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Weekly Geeks Wrap Up 2010-34: Scary Books and Traditions + WG round-up