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Sunday Salon: Lonely Avenue
The Sunday

After my last final on Friday I went to work for five and a half hours, so I didn't really feel like I was done with the semester. I figured once I got home it would start to feel like winter break, but I was overwhelmed by all the options. For once I could do whatever I wanted when I got home and be guilt free about it. It was such a change I think I was a bit in shock, and I still don't quite feel like it's winter break yet-- probably because I'm checking on my grades at least once an hour. I usually get myself a little something at the end of each semester to congratulate myself on a semester of hard work, and my package arrived on Friday, which was obviously perfect timing! I walked into my house and ripped it open as soon as the door was closed. So what did I get?

Lonely Avenue. 11 songs by Ben Folds and Nick Hornby. 4 stories by Nick Hornby. Photographs by Joel Meyerowitz. If someone wanted to create the absolute perfect gift for me, this would be it. It screams Ash on so many levels. I adore Ben Folds, I've seen him three times in concert and can't go a week without listening to his music. Nick Hornby is one of my all time favorite writers. Joel Meyerowitz's vintage style photographs fit my design style to perfection. This had to be the best thing ever, and I'm happy to say it basically is.

I've only read the first two stories by Hornby, but I really loved both of them. I've felt that Hornby has been a little hit and miss for me as of late but these short stories were fantastic and reminded me of all the things that made me love him when I was in high school. Each story is paired with a photograph, as are the song lyrics, and the photographs add a lot to the stories in my opinion.

The songs are also wonderful, and since this is kind of a concept album it's a little different from Ben Folds' other work. Although I think Ben Folds is one of the best musical storytellers ever. I've really enjoyed listening to these song while perusing the stories, but there are just so many stories happening I had to stop myself and try to really absorb each individual story. Which is why I love this! It's three totally different and effective methods of storytelling. You can listen to a story in a song, read a story by Hornby, or just look at the images and try to understand the story behind them. For a lover of music, books, and art this is an awesome find, and even more so for someone who loves Ben Folds and Nick Hornby.

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Sunday Salon: Lonely Avenue + TIME