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Weekly Geeks 2011-1: A Reader's Self Portrait

This week, for a Geeky assignment, how about a picture? A self portrait of sorts. I think it would be fun if you all took a picture of yourself (or have someone help you most likely) reading your current book (so we can see what it is) in your favorite reading spot. Then post it! It can be a Wordless Weekly Geek if you want! Or explanations included if you want that. For examples of what I mean, check out this popular site...only ours will be called "Weekly Geeks Reading Books!"

Simple and easy this week. And hopefully fun. (If you are leery about posting a picture of yourself, be creative and figure out a different way to share a reading self portrait.)

Be sure to link up your post below!

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Weekly Geeks 2011-1: A Reader's Self Portrait + weekly geeks