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Weekly Geeks Wrap Up: 2011-1: A Reader's Self Portrait

Last week Suey challenged Weekly Geekers to give us a self-portrait. She wrote:

I think it would be fun if you all took a picture of yourself (or have someone help you most likely) reading your current book (so we can see what it is) in your favorite reading spot. Then post it! It can be a Wordless Weekly Geek if you want!
Darren and Meaghan gave us just a glimpse of themselves behind the book they were currently reading.

Corey showed us a little more of herself - and even less of her book - but I loved the starkness of this shot.

Vasilly chose to share her favorite reading spot - it looks inviting, especially that mug of hot chocolate!

A shadowy photo of Melanie seemed to fit the darkness of the book she was reading which opened with Hamlet, having killed Polonius.

Suey's portrait gave us a lot to look out - a great shot of the book she was enjoying, a nice glimpse of the comfy room she in which she was reading, and of course, her contented face!

I loved Naida's self portrait which gave us a glimpse of her great library, but also included her adorable reading partner Diego (who sported a nice sweater for the photo!)

Nicki showed us a birds eye view of her book - and also included her reading buddy and a pair of colorful socks! I must admit, her photo made me want to grab my nearest quilt and a cup of tea and cuddle up to read.

Florinda looked very studious in her photo - and that book she's reading looks like it could fit the Chunkster challenge guidelines without a problem!

It looks a little chilly where Gautami is reading - but she has her mom nearby to keep her company!!

And last, but certainly not least, Care is enjoying Tim O'Brien and gives us a glimpse of her forehead behind the book!

This was a fun Weekly Geeks - if you haven't dropped by and looked at these creative self-portraits, what are you waiting for!?!??

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Weekly Geeks Wrap Up: 2011-1: A Reader's Self Portrait + WG round-up