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Excerpt and Illustration! Having fun w/ Fairy Tales

I have a treat for you today!! Here I have a sneak peek of a book that is going to be a part of Fairy Tale Fortnight! What is Fairy Tale Fortnight you ask?! Well — It's awesome.:) I'll have my post about that up soon (check out The Book Rat for a post RIGHT NOW)

Anyway — There is this book coming out soon that is pretty much amazing sounding — Ever wonder about that generic "Prince Charming" in all the fairy tales? Well, Christopher Healy has taken those generic and uninteresting princes and decided to tell their story in, The Hero's Guide to Saving Your Kingdom (coming May 2012). And like all great fairy tales, it has a witch. Take a look at this creepy and sinister looking castle. Seriously. Love.

Seeing a castle like that makes one wonder about the witch who lives inside, no? Well, allow me to introduce you to, Zaubera.

The only thing left was to figure out the best way to inform the world about it all. Whatever method she chose, it had to really grab people’s attention. It had to be spectacular. Zaubera sat down at her desk in the center of the large round observatory. The dark stone pillars that ringed the room and the bloodred roof above had a way of making her feel extra evil. The witch moved her cage of tarantulas and human skull candleholder out of the way and unrolled a yellowing parchment. She dipped her vulture-feather quill into an inkwell and began to brainstorm.

Notes tied to rabid bats?

Release wild boars with message shaved into fur too time consuming

Learn telepathy

Carve into side of mountain maybe

Teach birds to say “Cinderella must die!”

Artwork copyright © 2012 by Todd Harris

Brilliant! Be on the look out for more about this novel and Christopher soon!

*Coming to a Fairy Tale Fortnight near you*

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Excerpt and Illustration! Having fun w/ Fairy Tales + TIME