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Guest Post with Cassie, from A Closer Look

Hey guys! I have got a very special guest poster today! Cassie, the main character from A Closer Look by Karen DelleCava is sharing with us what her first ever blog post would look like if she were to start a blog! It's pretty awesome! AND at the bottom of the post, after Cassie shares with us some of her experiences of what it's like being a teen who discovers they are losing all their hair, there is information from Karen about how you could win a seriously awesome prize pack! So, here's Cassie!

Okay, queue the intro music to Lady GaGa’s Born This Way. Now, drum roll please... today is my first blog post on:

If you’re visiting here today (I will check my stats later) you’ve probably figured out that I’m a teen without hair. My name is Cassie and I’m 14 years old. I have alopecia areata and over the passed six months, I lost all of my long hair. And the truth? It was the WORST, most suckful thing that ever happened to me and I cried-A LOT. I felt like I lost who I was, my entire identity.

But ya know what else? I’m still here and I ROCK! Yeah, I said it. I ROCK! I just want YOU to know that you rock, too, with or without hair. It might take time but I guarantee you’ll figure it out. Sometimes I’ll go out with my wig but other times I’m like who cares and I march around all day au naturale! I’m just as cute wig on as wig off. Check out my pics taken by my BFF.

Speaking of my best friend, Tara (I don’t think she’ll mind if I use her real name) is the most awesome friend a person could have. She always believed in me no matter what. Do you have a BF like that? I’d love to know. If not, that’s what I’m here for. Whatever you’re feeling, I’ve felt it, too, so ask me anything. Or tell me a funny story. I’ll be posting some of those, too.

This blog is a place for bald teens who rock (like me) and their friends to hang out, have fun and even try and make you feel better if you’re having a particularly sucky day.

Comment 1 posted by TSpez: Love you too, Cass! Great first post! XOXO

Comment 2 posted by ME: See what I mean about my best friend? Thanks for being my first stat, Tara! I’m loving the temporary tattoos we bought for my head. Too cute. I’m deciding on which butterfly to apply for tomorrow.


Visit to read the first chapter AND for details on how to win a signed copy of A Closer Look plus a surprise gift but “Do not open it until page 153.”

A Closer Look Book Signing Friday, April 13th 6:30-8pm
Teens will receive a surprise gift but “Do not open it until page 153.” (While supplies last.)
Well Read (New & Used) Bookstore
425 Lafayette Ave
Hawthorne NJ 07506

I'd like to say a huge thank you to both Karen and Cassie for taking the time to visit with me and being so awesome to work with! AND if you want to hear more amazing things about this book, be sure to check out the rest of the teen book scene tour, going on now! (In fact, I'm post #1!:) )

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Guest Post with Cassie, from A Closer Look + TIME