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Rapunzel in the Wild West!

Welcome Kristen from Bookworming in the 21st Century! Earlier in the Fortnight, she was a guest on Misty's site (read it here, there's a giveaway!!!) She's got another great post for us today to further share her love of graphic novels!

I'm always looking for the next greatest graphic novel and I've definitely found it in Rapunzel's Revenge, which is written by the amazing Shannon Hale (author of such books as Princess Academy, The Goose Girl, and many more).

This book is a delightful retelling of Rapunzel, only set in the wild west, where Rapunzel uses her long braided hair as lassos and stops bad guys every chance she gets. She meets up with the notorious Jack (slayer of giants and grower of bean stalks) and they team up to survive in the wild west. I absolutely loved this book and the way Rapunzel was a tomboy and not at all helpless. Definitely the type of characters our children and students should be reading about. Here's a short clip from the graphic novel:

There's a sequel to this one, Calamity Jack, which was equally as interesting. I love that Shannon had her husband and son work on the books with her. I love the illustrations and the storyline and I hope some of you will pick it up and give it a chance.

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Rapunzel in the Wild West! + YA