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This or That with author Emily Wing Smith!

Today I have Emily Wing Smith visiting the blog! She's the author of the recently released, Back When You Were Easier to Love and she's going to be sharing with us her this or that choices! I really enjoyed a lot of her answers! I'm really curious about that dare now!:)

Spring or Fall:
As long as I’m armed with Claritin-D, fall wins for its perfect temps and gorgeous scenery. Oh, and my fall birthday!

Past or Future: The past is real. The future isn’t.

Marvel or DC Comics:Marvel was the studio behind my fave 80s cartoon JEM.

Legos or Lincoln Logs:Growing up, my brother had Legos pretty much everywhere pretty much all the time. I used to step on Legos galore--in bare feet! Ouch. But I have a soft spot for them. Thanks, Andy!

Detailed planning or spontaneous decisions:I consider myself detail-oriented, but much of what I do is on a whim.
Turkey or Ham:Wednesday is $5 Turkey footlong at my local Subway.

Sweet or Salty:Both. My total comfort food: M&Ms/chocolate Teddy Grahams paired with pretzels or salt and vinegar chips.

Ocean or Mountains:Ocean, though ironically, I live in the mountains!

Hardcover or Paperback:Paperbacks are cheaper so I can by more of them for the same amount of money. On a non-cheapskate note, they also take up less shelf space!

Truth or Dare:I tend to over-share. Besides, the one time I chose Dare it got me into a very uncomfortable situation.

M&Ms — Peanut or Peanut Butter:Um, solid chocolate, YO. Plain for the win.

A one room library or Books in every room in your house:
Books in every room in your house. Gum or Breath Mint:Gum, although I can’t walk and chew gum at the same time, so breath mints would be a better choice, wouldn’t they?

Painting or PhotographPhotography. Looking at it, not taking it.
Uncertain theory or Absolute fact:Hmm…I believe in certain absolute truths, but other things are up for debate. Thank you so much Emily for joining us today! And readers, be on the lookout for my review of Back When You Were Easier to Love! It'll be up in about two weeks!:)

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This or That with author Emily Wing Smith! + TIME