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Read-a-thon Final Update

I know I should have had this up earlier, but I'm lazy & have an embarrassing little to report...

This has been, by far, my worst read-a-thon ever.: ( I started The Kid, which ended up being a DNF for me, and then spent the rest of the time trying to read through Kara, Lost. It was a combination of picking meh books (The Kid was absolutely terrible and Kara, Lost was rather bland) and also just not having motivation to read. So, I think I managed to read about 420 pages or so... In THREE days... Talk about a fail... : (

I did complete a few mini-challenges, (maybe only 2) but I did host one! I've been having a lot of fun reading the books that everyone has been recommending to me!! I have no idea how I'm supposed to narrow this down to which blurb I like the best!! I haven't even read half of the entries yet and already I'm struggling to narrow it down!

Hope your read-a-thon was better than mine! I had a lot of fun with it though, even if my end result was majorly lame!:)

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Read-a-thon Final Update + TIME