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Guest Post with Daniel Coleman!

I've got Daniel Coleman joining us today, author of Jabberwocky and Hatter . (Click titles to read my reviews). I really enjoyed both books, so I'll let that be all the intro he needs!

"But It's Been Told a Hundred Times."

Have you ever read a story that made you want to spend months or years in the world instead of just a few days with a single book? THAT is why I wrote Hatter. Lewis Carroll touches so briefly on the Mad Hatter; he only appears in a few brief scenes. Yet he's such a rich character, he is one of the most revisited in literature.

While writing Jabberwocky, I met and envisioned characters that had a lot more story to tell. A few minor and major characters from Jabberwocky found their way into Hatter, but it stands alone as its own novel. (In fact, two of the members of my writing group didn't even know I had written another novel in the same world. I purposely kept it a secret to make sure Hatter worked as a standalone.)

I thought long and hard about tackling such a popular and beloved character. It wasn't until I came up with a complementary character that I finally decided to write him. Chism (pronounced with a 'ch' like challenge), is the perfect contrast. He eventually emerges as a recognizable character of Wonderland, but I'm not going to say which one.

Not to sound trite, but once I came up with the storyline and character arcs, it felt like the Mad Hatter was begging me to tell my version of his story. I stayed true to Lewis Carroll's vision, but I also included enough original details to make the story unique enough to contribute to Hatter lore.

"The Hopes of a Reader and the Hopes of a Writer"

I am, of course, a reader and a writer. When I read, my main hope is for something original that will make me either think deeply or smile widely. Also, I trust that the writer won't waste my time; that the ending will be worth my investment.

As a writer, I have similar goals. First and foremost, I don't want to waste a reader's precious reading time. I'm honored that with the millions of books out there, they've picked up mine. It means sometimes I have to leave out details I'd love to spend chapters on. Also, I sometimes go into detail when I'd rather skim. It's all about making the story valuable and enjoyable for the reader.

Endings are one of the strong points in my novels. I feel comfortable telling readers that they won't be left disappointed.

I love it! Thank you so much for joining us today Daniel! I'm so excited that there will be more set in this world you've created, and I cam't wait to read what's next. I'm also now very intrigued to see who Chism is going to turn out to be!

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Guest Post with Daniel Coleman! + TIME