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Memory Monday — All the Money aka The first book I remember actually reading

I was trying to decide on a book pick for this weeks Memory Monday, when I got to thinking about my earliest memories of books I had actually read and finished myself. And other than picture books, which I've mentioned before, the earliest book I remember reading to myself was Bill Brittain's All the Money in the World. We read it for class in 1st or 2nd grade and I remember being interested in how the author made everything so literal.

Here, I'm about to show you how weirdly specific my memory can be. Keep in mind that I read this book over 15 years ago as a very small child.

So, the main character gets a wish granted. I don't remember why, or who grants the wish (a genie maybe? Isn't it always a genie?) Being a young boy, he wishes for all the money in the world. So he gets it. In his backyard. Pretty sure there was a Scrooge McDuck moment in there, where he goes swimming in it, but I might be mistaken. He even had Japanese money and he's crazy excited to go out and spend all him new money.

So, also being a young boy, he decided to buy an ice cream. But, when he gets there, and tries to spend the money, it goes into the cash register, but vanished right back out. This means our poor boy can't have his ice cream and he starts realizing maybe his wish was a little bit rash & somehow, he refinds this genie who I think only wanted to teach him a lesson anyway, and he gives back all the world's money. (This is about where, as this little elementary school kid I decided it would be much, much better to just wish to have exact change in your pocket, and then always wear jeans).

Not gonna lie, I'm kinda proud I remember all that from my earliest years in school.:)

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Memory Monday — All the Money aka The first book I remember actually reading + review