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Award Winning Wednesday — Canceled.: (

I'm not even sure anyone noticed yesterday, but I didn't post my Award Winning Reads Wednesday post. I'm very sorry. I've been really behind on a bunch of stuff lately. I've had a lot going on and then I also just went from part time to full time at work, which means I've almost tripled my working hours & I just don't have as much time for other stuff as I did before. I promise there will be a post next week, but today, even though it's a day late, I'm going to include the linky at the bottom, so you can join up your posts.

And, I'll also say GOOD LUCK! To all those still going! I believe in you!: D You can DO it!:) Best of luck! I really do hope this has been an enjoyable challenge so far!:)

(Also, technically this isn't 'late'... I actually have 15 minutes before it becomes Thursday.: P)

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Award Winning Wednesday — Canceled.: ( + TIME