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Character Interview! Jackson from If I Tell

Author Janet Gurtler has helped us today get Jackson, one of the main secondary characters in her upcoming novel If I Tell, to stop by and answer some questions. He was genuinely one of my favorite characters in this book, so I was thrilled to get this chance to hear from him!

Jasmine is really shy and can be hard to talk to when you first meet her. What were your impressions or thoughts after that first time you spoke to her?

I had already noticed Jaz at school and knew she was shy. I thought it was amazingly cute how flustered she got when we spoke.

What do you think of Jasmine's decision not to tell her mom about what she saw? Do you
think it's right or okay to keep that kind of secret from someone?

It was her decision to make and she made it for the reasons she thought were right. I try not to judge. Secrets are hard. Sometimes they’re necessary. I believe that it’s okay to do things to protect the people you care about.

If you had the chance to meet Jasmine again for the first time, would you change anything
about that initial conversation? Would you do anything differently?

Nope. I’m pretty happy with the way things turned out, so why would I want to change anything and risk jinxing it!

If you were given the choice, would you pick to have your deepest wish come true? Or to beable to grant a wish for someone else?

Someone else.

What would your wish have been?

I would wish that my mom could have been a happier person. And that my grandma didn’t have to worry about me or money ever again in her life.

We know from reading the book that music is a huge part of your life, but what about reading? Any favorite books?

Books are cool. I have an eclectic taste in books. My favorite would have to be All the Pretty Horses by Cormac McCarthy.

Thanks so much for stopping by Jackson! It's been great to hear your thoughts!

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Character Interview! Jackson from If I Tell + TIME