Merry Wanderer of the Night + TIME


Yo! It's almost time for the awesome Dewey's 24 hour read-a-thon to begin!:) I'm SUPER excited! Last time (April) I managed to get a lot of reading done AND I stayed up the full 24 hours!:) I'm hoping to do so again this time! We shall see! And can I just say, that it is proof of how much I love read-a-thons and this one in particular that I am willing to get up at SIX AM to do this?! Seriously — if you know me at all, you know I hate mornings and think 9 o'clock is still on the early side... So... For me to be away before 6?! Lots of love I say, LOTS OF LOVE.

I don't have an awesome picture of my read-a-thon pile today for two reasons. One, because I can't find my camera and two, because I'm absolutely terrible at sticking to a list. Instead, I'm going to read the two books I absolutely must have read by next week and then move on to some others. I have a feeling that this read-a-thon is going to be very heavily Contemporary YA because that's what I've really been in the mood for lately and I have a few more books I want to get read before Just Contemporary month starts! It's getting so close!: D

Anyway — I shall update often, I'm sure throughout the day, both in this post and subsequent posts! If you are read-a-thoning too, best of luck! I'd LOVE to chat on Twitter, cheerlead, share what we've read etc, so if you are participating, leave me a comment here or come chat with me on Twitter! (I'm @BasicallyBooks) I will most likely be getting on after each book finished so I can offer updates!

See you in a few hours readers!:)

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