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It's BACK! Award Winning Reads Challenge — 2!

It's Back! The Second Incarnation of the Award Winning Reads Challenge is here! Who else is totally excited for this?! I know it can't just be me!!:)
Last year, Jacinda and I hosted this reading challenge from May through September. And it rocked. I have personally been meaning to read all the Newbery and Printz books for years. And I've found some absolutely phenomenal books because of it. (Umm hello and thank you — Jellicoe Road, my absolute most favorite book ever.) And last years challenge gave me the motivation I needed to pick my list back up and get reading. (I think I read 16).
Because it was so awesome last year, Jacinda and I decided that this year, it would be a year long challenge of awesome (with extra awesome during the months of the original challenge).
My goal for this year is even bigger. I am so close to finishing both award lists. (Just the winners, not the honors). I only have 4 Printz winners and 13 Newbery winners left to read (including the 2012 winners to-be-announced). I would love to finish these lists next year.
So that is my goal. But I would like to read more than only 17 of the books on the list, so my official goal is going to be 24. That's only 2 a month, totally do-able.:)
To see the books on either list that I've already reviewed on the blog, you can click the corresponding tags below
Newbery Award
Newbery Honor
Printz Award
Printz Honor

And now — Onto the rules!:)

2012 Award Winning Reads Challenge Rules & Guidelines

-Monthly link-up posts will be posted the last Wednesday of every month during the
challenge for Award Winning Reads Wednesday. Feel free to post reviews on that day or any other day during that month and link-up accordingly. Ashley and Jacinda will be doing their best to post reviews for the challenge titles on Wednesdays throughout the entire year. It isn’t a requirement to post on Wednesdays, but with the two of us only posting on Wednesdays, it makes the challenge run smoother.

-Reviewing and linking to your reviews in the monthly link-up post will give you
additional entries into giveaways. Giveaways at this point are up in the air and will happen whenever Ashley and Jacinda feel like hosting a giveaway for the participants. More than likely, we will have giveaways randomly throughout the year, for mini-challenges (see below for more information), and at the end of the challenge.
-You do NOT have to be a blogger to participate. If you aren’t a blogger, feel free
to post reviews for the challenge books on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. It isn’t a
requirement to review every book you’ve read for the challenge. Also, Ashley and Jacinda would
LOVE to have non-bloggers do guest reviews! Just email either one of us. Or even leave a comment on any AWR Challenge post letting us know.
-You do NOT have to be in the United States to participate. To enter all giveaways,
unless otherwise stated since it’s possible for us to have an international giveaway, you will have to live in the United States or Canada. International shipping is expensive unless you use The Book Depository since they ship for free.
-Sign-ups are open throughout the entire year. YIPPEE! Feel free to sign-up at any
time. If you sign-up later in the year, any books you’ve read in 2012 that fit within the guidelines of this challenge, can be included in your final book count.
-Books eligible for this challenge have to be:

  • A Newbery Winner or Honoree
  • OR
    A Printz Winner or Honoree

-Goodreads has easy to view lists of all of the medal winners/honor award winners. You can find them all here: Newbery Medal Winners
Newbery Honor Winners Printz Award Winners
Printz Honors Winners You can also read the lists on the following websites: Newbery & Printz
-The books HAVE to be read between January 1st, 2012-December 31st, 2012
-In 2011, the Award Winning Reads Challenge was only during the summer. This year it will be year long, but we still want to have some sort of blitz in the summer time. Many people have more time to read in the summer, so do your best to read more challenge titles during this time. I also understand some people might have less time, and that is fine as well.
-We will also have a mini-challenge of sorts every few months throughout the year. The details haven’t been ironed out yet. To give you an idea, a challenge might be reading a new or specific genre, reading an older book, or telling us a bit about a book you thought you’d hate but ended up loving!
-You are probably wondering about levels for this challenge. In the summer, we had 4 different challenge levels. For 2012, we are getting rid of the levels! You just need to pledge what you THINK you will be able to read or what you want to push yourself to read. That’s it! Make sure when you fill out the linky below, you add the number of books for your goal after your name. Example: “Basically Amazing Ashley (24)”

Please grab the button for this challenge and put it on your sidebar and put it in your review posts.:)
If you want to sign-up for the 2012 Award Winning Reads Challenge, please fill out the linky below with your NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, blog address (if you have one, if not, Goodreads profile will work), and YOUR PLEDGE for this challenge. Follow the format listed in the linkys description If you have any questions about this challenge, leave a comment or email Ashley or Jacinda!
We are SO excited to have you joining us! Rock on those awesome book

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It's BACK! Award Winning Reads Challenge — 2! + Winner