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Wrapping up 2011 Readathon

I totally forgot that I had signed up for Remarkable Read 's Wrapping Up 2011 Read-a-thon... So, I'm a bit late, but I'm hoping to jump in now and use it to motivate myself to actually get some reading done.:)

I did read three books today, and I'm totally counting them, even though they are Roald Dahl's versions of picture books (definitely for the older kids).

For the rest of the year, I keep debating between trying to actually meet my 2011 GR Reading goal of 260 (which currently means I'd need to read 19 books by the end of the year) and just reading books that I really want to read, because some of the books that are really catching my eye right now are larger & not so conducive to the whole — read 19 books in 9 days, 4 of which are holidays (I am totally counting my birthday as a holiday...) .

So, my list of what I'll end up reading is going to fluctuate drastically and I have no idea, right now, what I'll end up picking. AND, another blogger friend talked about having a read-a-thon on the 30th & 31st, which I'll be participating in (if she does it) so it's going to be like reading BLITZ for me. Maybe I'll actually be able to meet my goal... :) We shall see what happens!

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Wrapping up 2011 Readathon + read-a-thon