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Weekly Geeks round-up for 2009-41

Happy Friday, Geeks!

Last week's question was courtesy of Dark in the Dark, and in honor of Halloween, it was all about the weird. Dark asked Geeks to share a creepy or weird read, and to discuss whether things are getting weirder, literary-wise.

Puss Reboots divulged her love for horror and all thing monsters. She even shares a monster illustration by her son.

Dark offered up in in depth analysis of the Six Stages of Vampirism.

Erotic Horizon provided an excerpt from a recent paranormal read, On the Edge.

Gigi explained how she is honoring the goth within.

And Allegra mentioned some of the books that helped her set the mood for Halloween.

Thanks to all of the Geeks that joined in last week. Stay tuned...there will be a new Weekly Geeks post up soon!

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Weekly Geeks round-up for 2009-41 + WG round-up