Merry Wanderer of the Night + rrreadathon

Blog Compliments

Tif Talks Books has an amazingly beautiful layout and header. It looks like she recently got an award for her blog's presentation and I am not surprised.

In Spring It Is the Dawn obviously has a great blog title. She is in Japan (although she is Canadian) right now and a lot of her blog is Japanese inspired. I have never seen so much of Japan on one blog, it's definitely a good one to check out!

BiblioAddict's blog has snow! It just started snowing here in Iowa so that definitely got me in the cozy reading spirit.

25 Hour Books has an awesome post every Tuesday about literary tattoos. What a cool idea!

Sasha and the Silverfish has an adorable layout and I just love her blog. She has a good assortment of books. Be sure to take a look at her feed button, it has an octopus!

Thanks to I Heart Monster for hosting this meme.

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Blog Compliments + rrreadathon