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Wrap Up for 2010-09

This week Bernadette asked participants like you what kind of reader you are: one who wants to know all about the author or one who just wants the book and nothing more.

*Suey from It's All About Books has her own author feature: Author Pick Five.

*Julie from A Small Accomplishment doesn't want to know too much about the authors she reads.

* "I am 100%, no question about it, completely and totally, a book person," says Trish from eclectic/eccentric.

*Megan from Leafing Through Life admits that she is not an author "fangirl."

*Nicki from Every Book and Cranny says, "I seek out information about authors when that information becomes essential to understanding the context of the novel and it’s historical importance."

Thank you everyone who participated this week. Come back tomorrow for a new Weekly Geek topic.

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Wrap Up for 2010-09 + WG round-up