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Readathon Hours 5-8

I'm a little early with this post but I just arrived in Iowa City from Des Moines before I go out to lunch so I thought I'd give you all an update and do some mini-challenges. So far I still haven't gotten quite as much reading done as I would like but after I eat some lunch I should be set to read for quite awhile.

The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader is hosting a mini-challenge about armchair traveling. As someone who reads a lot of travel books I get quite a bit of armchair travel in through that, but there is really nothing like a good historical fiction novel to take you to someplace you've never been before. I began reading The Luxe series at the beginning of this year and after I read the first book my family went to New York City for a vacation. Through The Luxe series I learned that today's Manhattan used to be called New Amsterdam because it was settled by the Dutch. The Luxe series talks about the wealthy Dutch people who lived there. This is really interesting for me because my family is Dutch and some of the names in the book are similar to names in my family or people I know. Going to Manhattan was really interesting for me because I saw it in a way I never would have if I didn't know that information from the books. Through the Luxe series I've also gotten to travel to California, Florida, and Cuba all in the early 1900's. Very exciting!

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Readathon Hours 5-8 + october readathon