Merry Wanderer of the Night + TIME


Oh my goodness everyone! Can you believe it?! It's been almost a full year since last years insanely awesome Fairy Tale Fortnight! So now, it's time for Part 2!

I'm fully aware that I pretty much win worst blogger of the year award so far. My new job takes way more time and energy than I was anticipating, and I barely have the time to check my email let alone all the other awesome stuff there is to do online. (How sad it is that I don't even have time for all my old stand by time wasters?! Life is truly sad when you don't even have time available to really, truly waste online, ya know?!)

Anyway — Misty has pretty much been completely and totally made of win lately, being all proactive and boss and stuff. Seriously guys, I'm pretty sure she even bleeds awesomeness.

But anyway — I just wanted to post something to let you all know that it's coming (last 2 weeks of April!!) and that you should get excited for it! Things will be a little different than last year, but still awesome and still fun!:)

SO. What should you do?! Grab a button (fabulous, aren't they?! Like I said, Misty rocks my face) and get reading some fairy tales! We are going to have a place to link up your fairy tale posts, so get reading those fairy tales and retellings, watching those fairy tale movies and shows, and thinking up all kinds of fairy tale goodness!

And then get ready to let the fairy tale games begin!:)

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